Sarah GFE49296

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For a delicious Girlfriend Experience... ***Introduction*** Hello, I am Sarah, 26 years old French very occasional escort, with hot Mediterranean ancestry. This ad is only for respectful, well-mannered, highly-educated gentlemen, over 35 ideally, with a perfect body hygiene obviously. I speak English fluently, so foreigners, do not hesitate to contact me. Men over 50 are more than welcome ! Before contacting me, please read my ad in whole, and also visit my website very thoroughly : you will find all the informations you need about me, my services, my rules and my rates. May you have any questions, you can write to me at my secured e-mail adress . However, I will not reply to questions of which answers are either in this ad or in my personal website. I will immediately and definitively BLOCK people sending me rude or impolite messages, or messages like "Hey, how much ?" or "Hi"... Please read my ad IN WHOLE BEFORE CONTACTING ME, and respect my contact rules (described below in my ad AND in my website) and introduce yourself properly in your first message. I do not tolerate lack of respect or familiarity. COURTESY AND RESPECT ARE ESSENTIAL FOR ME ! ***WHO AM I ?*** If you are looking for an escort who is well-mannered, cultivated, highly educated (graduate school), multilingual (French is my mother tongue, English is spoken fluently, and basic German), sexy but « girl next door » type of girl, with exotic origins, a strong personality but also a good sense of humor... you are at the right place. I am very well-mannered, reserved and discreet in public, but I can be whoever you want, in private... I offer you a real Girlfriend Experience : body body massages, tenderness, your fantaisies coming true... I wish for, and offer, nice moments based on complicity, shared pleasure, and mutual trust. Restaurant/theater, or more intimate and intense moments in a hotel room : enjoy a sweet escape from your daily life with me. I like to take my time, to make the pleasure last and enjoy our moments to the fullest... I can be the one you will make your fantasies come true with. Meet me, and share hot, passionate moments in my compagny... I insist : I am French, totally independant, and a very occasional escort. Indeed, I have a «real job», which I will always put first. Thus , I am not available all the time, even less in last minute : you need to contact, and book me, at least 24 hours in advance, or ideally even earlier than this. The more you book me in advance, the more chances you have got that I will be available on the day you want to meet me. As I have an already very busy life, I do not want, nor do I have the time, to make lots of encounters. I will always put quality before quantity : I am highly selective, and choose very carefully the gentlemen I choose to spend my time with. I can refuse to meet someone if I do not think we are a good fit. Being a strong-charactered, mature and smart woman, I know exactly what I want. Discretion is crucial, for me and for you. I do not send any additional pictures, so no need to ask for it. *** HOW TO CONTACT ME ?*** Please, contact me ONLY via written text message or Whatsapp at first. Your first message must include your first name, age, nationality, a picture of you, and a description of the meeting you would like (date, duration of the meeting, nature of the meeting etc...). I do not answer phone calls, simply because I do not have the time to spend my days chatting on the phone, as I said, I have a job. However, I will demand a phone call with the gentlemen I wil have accepted to meet, to get to know each other. I will not reply to messages that do not include all these informations, starting with a «Hello», of course... I only accept to meet polite and well-mannered men. ***MY RULES*** I remind you that I DO NOT RECEIVE : all my meetings take place in a hotel room booked by you, in Strasbourg city center only, for safety reasons. It is possible to make me come in another city, a few hours away from Strasbourg (Paris, Nancy, Metz), for long meetings (at least 2 hours). In this case, all my travelling expenses will be paid by you, in advance, by Paypal bank transfer at least 1 week before our scheduled meeting. The hotel room must be booked by you too. All my meetings last at least 1 hour or more, never less. I am mainly available during week-ends, and sometimes during weekdays in the evening. It will depend on my schedule, and yours of course. For more informations, please visit my website. See you soon hopefully ! Regards, Sarah PS : I do not reply after 9pm !

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